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Cautare dupa afectiune

  1. Sarcina
  2. Colita ulcerativa
  3. Sindrom de colon iritabil
  4. Sindrom metabolic
  5. Sindrom anxios depresiv
  6. Sindrom premenstrual
  7. Stres
  8. Neuropatie diabetica
  9. Intoxicatii
  10. Infectii virale
  11. Infertilitate
  12. Impotenta hormonala
  13. Impotenta vasculara
  14. HIV
  15. HPV
  16. Impotenta
  17. Herpes
  18. Hepatita virala
  19. Cancer de colon
  20. Cancer de piele
  21. Cancer de prostata
  22. Cancer de vezica urinara
  23. Cancer hepatic
  24. Cancer mamar
  25. Cancer osos
  26. Cancer pulmonar
  27. Cancer testicular
  28. Cancer tiroidian
  29. Candidoza digestiva
  30. Candidoza vaginala
  31. Candidoza pulmonara
  32. Chimioterapie (citostatice)
  33. Bulimie
  34. Calculii renali
  35. Astm
  36. Atac de panica
  37. Ateroscleroza
  38. Autism
  39. Boala autoimuna
  40. Boala canceroasa
  41. Bronsita
  42. Cancer
  43. Candida
  44. Cefalee
  45. Celulita
  46. Chisturi ovariene
  47. Chlamydia trachomatis
  48. Ciroza hepatica
  49. Colesterol marit
  50. Cosmaruri
  51. Constipatie
  52. Convalescentat
  53. Celule Stem
  54. Degenerescenta maculara
  55. Dementa
  56. Dependenta de alcool
  57. Hepatita B
  58. Hepatita C
  59. Hipertensiune arteriala
  60. Hipertiroidism
  61. Hipotensiunea arteriala
  62. Hipotiroidism
  63. Impotenta psihica
  64. Imunitate
  65. Indigestie
  66. Intineritor al pielii
  67. Infertilitate feminina
  68. Infertilitate masculina
  69. Insomnie
  70. Insuficienta cardiaca
  71. Intoxicatia alimentara
  72. Ischemie cardiaca
  73. Iradiere
  75. Laringita
  76. Leucemie
  77. Limfomul Hodgkin
  78. Lipomul
  79. Melanom
  80. Meningita
  81. Menopauza
  82. Menopauza prematura
  83. Nefrita
  84. Migrena
  85. Osteoporoza
  86. Pielita
  87. Pielo-nefrita
  88. Pitiriazisul
  89. Parkinson
  90. Poliartitrita reumatoida
  91. Polimialgie reumatica
  92. Prostatita - inflamatia prostatei
  93. Pneumonie
  94. Polipii colonici
  95. Psoriazis
  96. Raceala
  97. Reflux gastro-esofagian
  98. Reumatism
  99. Radioterapie
  100. Scleroza multipla
  101. SIDA
  102. Sciatica
  103. Sistem imunitar
  104. Sclerodermie
  105. Sindromul hiper-metabolic
  106. Tahicardie
  107. Tuberculoza (TBC)
  108. Trigliceride marite
  109. Tromboflebita
  110. Treziri nocturne frecvente

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